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Victory Over History: The French Revolution is dedicated to the revolutionary events that transformed France in the second half of the eighteenth century. Using a wide variety of sources, more than 700 facts covering all facets on the revolution are easily accessible in one convenient app! VoH: The French Revolution is your ultimate French Revolution database, containing a smorgasbord of French Revolution Facts and French Revolution Quotes!

The app consists of 9 Categories which focus on the key events of the French Revolution, as well as specific topics such as Revolutionary War and Religious Reforms. This means that whether you’re looking for detailed statistics on the Terror, or quotes from publications regarding reactions to the Civil Constitution of the Clergy, VoH: The French Revolution has all your needs covered!

Not only is there an abundance of quotes from leading revolutionaries such as Mirabeau, Robespierre, and Brissot, but there are ample quotes from observers of the revolution as well, such as Foreign Ambassadors, former Ministers, and international revolutionaries. Pamphlets, Newspapers, Journals, and Decrees also feature within the categories, giving you a wide variety of sources to quote from in your essays. Furthermore, detailed statistics concerning everything from regional data regarding the Terror’s destruction to the dechristianization campaign are also included within the app!

Download the app today and begin hundreds of free facts to empower your essays and score better grades without having to conduct time-consuming manual research!